Wednesday, September 23, 2015

H & M 2015



Nectar of Paradise


9/11 Fake photo's of victims? Did 3000 people really die?



Be Mindful of Stereotypes

For Whom the Bells Toll

Encoding Data Anomalies of Some 9/11 Victims

Bed Karma

Pariodic Table of Metal

Un Hombre De Verdad

Modern Times

Vicki Gardner VA. Shooting Hoax Survivor First Interview, LIES, LIES & M...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Best Motivation Video 2015 - LIVE YOUR DREAM

The Intriguing History of 1930s Baby Cages

Yes, that is an infant dangling out a window.


By: Lauren Piro

You probably remember your mom being a little more freewheeling about child safety than today's young parents are. Perhaps you roamed aimlessly around the neighborhood until dinner, or rode in a not-so-secure carseat (or, if you were really lucky, a "travel platform").

But new parents from a generation or two ago had nothing on the daring London moms of the 1930s: They literally hung their babies out the window.

Dangling "baby cages" came into vogue after they were invented in 1922, but Gothamist reports that their origin really began with the 1884 book The Care and Feeding of Children, by Dr. Luther Emmett. In his book, Emmett carefully describes how babies need to be "aired" (you know, like a musty rug) to "renew and purify the blood."

But whatever was a doting, apartment-living mom to do? Responding to a lack of homes with outdoor space, some London communities began outfitting windows with infant-sized cages for babies to hang out in.




Breakfast That's Too Cute to Eat!

Conspiracy Nut

This Is What School Lunches Look Like Around The World

About 32 million children in the US eat cafeteria school lunches every day. As a nation with a childhood obesity epidemic, Sweetgreen—an organization that seeks to battle childhood obesity and promote healthy eating habits for children—decided to take a look at what these kids actually have for lunch at school. The organization also takes a look at the school lunches that children from around the world typically eat, to further examine where America falls in comparison. Continue reading...

Good Job America!

80s Phone

                                    I had one!

Red Star Cafe

              If you're from Cleveland, OH, you might remember Red Star Cafe. Poetry slams and great coffee! I miss it!

나의 절친 악당들

Korean Movie, “나의 절친 악당들 (Intimate Enemies)”, Breaks Ground Portraying A Blasian Family

A newly released Korean movie, 나의 절친 악당들 (Intimate Enemies), directed by Im Sang-soo, portrays a Blasian couple (in supporting roles), a first for Korean cinema. Sam Okyere, a Ghanaian expat living in Korea, plays Yakubu, an African worker who is married to a Korean wife, Jung-sook, played by Korean actress, Ryu Hyeon-kyeong. In the promotional photo shown above, they also have a Blasian child who is played by Egypt Yuna Collier, a Blasian kid (Korean and African American), however she is not listed in the credits.

See this prior post, Asian and Black Couples in the Movies, to see a listing of other feature films worldwide depicting Blasian couples.

Intimate Enemies is a fun comedic action thriller. This is the story of a man and a woman who decide to take revenge on corrupt corporations after having discovered a bag full of money at an accident site, while the mobster who lost the money pursues them. Ryoo Seung-bum and Go Joon-hee, star in the leading roles. Continue reading...

Zenni Optical - Don't Spend an Arm and a Leg For Glasses

I'm very nearsighted and the last time I bought glasses, they were over $300. I bought my last pair at Zenni Optical for $6.95. Sounds too good to me true, but it isn't! Get glasses for $50 or less instead of paying hundreds! Upload your photo and "try on" frames online. Go to Zenni Optical!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to Remove the Windows 10 GWX Upgrade Nonsense - Dedoimedo


 From: Dedoimedo
Updated: June 3, 2015

The story goes as follows. Several days ago, on one of my Windows 7 boxes, I did some updates. Cool beans, Then, a couple of days later, I suddenly noticed a Windows 10 like icon in my system tray. Turns out, this one belongs to a process called GWX.exe, and it is a part of Windows update KB3035583, which is deceptively labeled as an important one and preselected, intended to give Windows 7 and 8.X users an option to freely upgrade to Windows 10. Well, so far so good.

But then, I decided I was not interested. However, removing this thing off proved to be a very difficult task. I could not disable the scheduled tasks that reactivates the process every few hours, and you need special permissions to edit the folder containing the gwx.exe binary. In other words, all of a sudden, my perfectly reasonable Windows 7 has been altered without my consent, and now I did not have freedom to do what I want. This annoyed me so much that I started writing a tutorial on how to get rid of this piece of shit. Follow me...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Japanese Pizza

Bad Fashion

Hello Kitty Ring

Cover Girl Eyes

                  Everything in the 70s was turquoise/aqua blue. Including the eye shadow!

Thank God for computers!

                             My mom had this typewriter!

Record Album School Folders

                          I had this one in 4th grade!

Big Boi - Hard candy on the Outside, Gum on the Inside!

Looks confining.

Was the 70s the worse decade for fashion?

                                        At least they were multicultural!

Caboodles - The coolest way to store your makeup in the 80s!

Saturday, September 5, 2015



ヒップホップに限らず、「それっぽい」もの が当たり前になった中、原点を忘れず、流行・廃りに踊らされる事無く、

I got interested in arts and comics in my childhood. I moved to Tokyo in 1990 to seek an environment where I can continue painting. Then, in 1992 I got a deep impact from HipHop culture and Graffiti. I have been learning various techniques by myself and searching my own style of expression, and have made room for myself in. Warm characters paint with many kinds of methods such as acrylic, air-brush, sprays …etc, have gained favour with many people. I keep on expressing my own “color” without being swayed by prevailing trend in well-developed Japanese HipHop culture. My arts do not lose the original point while “things which look like that” are everywhere not only about HipHop these days. My artistic activities are supported in various ways such as apparel, CD artworks, magazine designs both in major and inunderground culture

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Butterfly Journal

Barbie and the Rockers

Japan - Street Fashion

Dr. Scholl's

I wonder if these would be comfortable nowadays.

Très Chic

Banana Frosted Flakes

                                         These were pretty good!

Who Had One of These? I did!

Hello Kitty Lover's Dream