Monday, September 29, 2014

Anti-nuke Newscaster’s Name Represented on “Grave Stone” in a TV Drama of Another TV channel

From Fukushima Diary:

The news caster of Hodo station (TV Asahi) had his name written on the grave stone of a TV drama produced by another TV channel. His name is Furutachi, which is not the most common family name in Japan. The spelling was also right for his name. Beside the grave stone, there was another grave stone written “Takeuchi”, who is also a female news caster of TV Asahi.

It was a scene of the final episode from “HERO”.  The main character played by Kimura Takuya visited a grave in this scene. The issued grave stones were behind him for over 1:30, whereas all the other grave stones were indecipherable. Neither of the TV stations have made official announcement.

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