Saturday, November 22, 2014

Loner Wolf


 Loner Wolf: Thinking differently. Living differently



LonerWolf is driven by a deep passion to question, challenge and explore all paths in life.
We believe in the power of thinking differently, and its life-changing ability to teach, guide and expand our perceptions of the world.

Driven by freethinking values, we also believe in living differently by exploring life with an open mind, thinking outside of the box, and challenging norms.

To think differently and to live differently is to live a life of freedom.

We also feel that in order to live a meaningful and fulfilled life we must go through the process of an internal evolution, an Involution, of the heart, mind and soul.  We’ve created this concept of Involution to fulfill the need for self-growth and self-mastery.

Read more about our Involution Revolution.

Meaning behind “LonerWolf”:


Playing on the phrase “lone wolf”, LonerWolf was originally a website designed for loners, introverts, outcasts and all disconnected people in society.

Later, in July 2013, LonerWolf decided to expand its vision as a community of people who thinks differently and lives differently.

The lone wolf was chosen as a symbol of strength, courage and independence of mind.  It represents the path least traveled, guiding us through the solitary paths of our inner selves.

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