Wednesday, January 27, 2016

CNN Tommy Chong Is Now 99% Cancer Free Using Rick Simpson's Cannabis Oil


Comment from YouTube: user sranjesuper 

It is obvious that Marijuana is illegal because IT WORKS.. Think about it. Marijuana is the least harmful drug, LESS HARMFUL THAN ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO why is alcohol and tobacco LEGAL??? 

WHY ARE THEY SELLING CANCER-CAUSING products and they even PUT IT ON THE BOX, and say IT CAUSES CANCER and HEART PROBLEMS. This is the biggest psychological BULLSHIT ever. They are SELLING CANCER TO PEOPLE, but people don't care because everybody thinks " I will not get cancer probably " And they are MAKING IT ILLEGAL for somebody to smoke a JOINT which is LESS harmful (psychologically, and biologically) to the human body.

 Not only that, but why are PLANTS illegal. The government is NOT GOD but they are ACTING LIKE GOD. The day that the government starts selling CANNABIS medicine, is the same day that this medicine is not going to work, because they will make GMO marijuana and take away all the good stuff from it. Use it while it is illegal still and grow your own, don't buy any government marijuana. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS

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