Saturday, January 9, 2016

Please Help Me - My Name is Ra Cathey

Hi my name is Ra Cathey, but my full name is Rahsheem Adbul Cathey. Immediately everyone assumes I must be a Muslim because of my name, but no, I am not a Muslim and never have been one. Most people would call me good Christian.
 I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. My mother is African American, Irish, and Native American Cherokee and she is a loving Christian. My father was Italian and African American. I hardly knew him, but I know he died homeless when I was young. 
 Because of the name my mother chose for me and the color of my skin, I have been on the receiving end of extreme racism and hardships my entire life. I've worked at a few places and I've tried to be a Model /SAG actor in L.A., only to be booked once in four years and as a slave being discarded from a slave ship on the TV show House.

 Even at two of the world’s greatest agencies, I was told "We already have one good black guy, we can't use you.” and “You must change your name. It’s too Muslim." ( By their standards I cannot be successful with my given name.) At my most recent job interview, I was told by the interviewer, "I thought you were a Muslim because of your name." There is nothing wrong with being Muslim. 
 Since moving to L.A., I've lost my girlfriend, who moved back to her country. I've lost my job as a truck driver.  I've lost my older brother. He passed away on Jan 2nd in New York. Plus, my past tickets have caused me to lose my license, which stopped me from getting more work. 
 I sold my car to make a big payment on my tickets, but it wasn't enough to get my license reinstated, so I've fallen on extremely hard times.  I have been homeless in Los Angeles for too long, searching for jobs and a way to get back ahead of life. I don't know how I have survived living on the streets this long.
 I don't have any addictions, I don’t even like the taste of beer. I used to work out a lot, but now I can't at all because I need to conserve my energy in order to stay warm at night.  
I need any and all the help I can possibly get in order to get off the streets. I've been robbed a few times and that alone is crippling. I don’t want to die on streets without anyone knowing my name.
I've always helped people my whole life in any way I can and right now I'm praying every second that someone hears my prayers and comes to help me.
 I've been in this situation for a while because of my pride and ego. I have a hard time admitting I need help. So this is extremely hard and doubly embarrassing for me to ask this of anyone, whether they know me or not but, please help me. Believe in me.
 Believe in me enough to donate and invest in me, whatever you can afford. I’d even greatly appreciate it if you can only donate a moment of your time to send a prayer my way. I will use all donations to help change my life and to help anyone I find in such an unfortunate situation. Thank you for even reading my story.



                    You can donate to Ra on his Go Fund Me page.

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